Smart Steps to Pay Off Debt within a Month

If you want your debt to be paid off quickly, the key is to live frugally. Cross out all expenses that can be delayed or are not too urgent. Stop snacks outside, such as shopping for clothes, eating at restaurants, buying contemporary coffee, watching movies, traveling out of town or abroad, and other shopping activities that make you wasteful of money. Avoid consumptive behavior. Live frugally by cooking meals at home, bringing lunch to the office, making your coffee. Don’t waste my time. The economy is also struggling because of the recession. You can use the saved money to pay off debt. Better to be sick first, then have fun later. Using a credit card is fine, but look at your financial situation and condition first. If you already have debt, do not add new debt or create more debt and worsen the highest possible credit score. Remember, using a credit card is tantamount to debt. There are flowers. High too. Not to mention if you are late in paying, you will be fined. Even valuables will be confiscated if there is a default.

Until your debt is paid off, never carry a credit card in your wallet. Just keep it at home. Or if you need to close your credit card if you are determined to control your shopping appetite. It takes extra effort to be able to pay off debts within a month. All of your salaries cannot be used to pay off debts? How about your daily living expenses? The period has to take on new debt. That’s called an old debt paid off, a new debt appears. If you have a hobby of trading or trading, just open a business. For example, selling clothes online, cat rice culinary business, opening a photography service business, screen printing, or other businesses that make money. But not from loans or debt business capital. Find capital by pawning valuables at home, such as gold jewelry, motorcycle or car BKPB, land certificates, or others.

Once you have fresh funds for business capital, immediately start building them. Within a month, the profits earned can be used to pay off debts. If there are still not enough funds, you can add the remaining proceeds from the mortgage. That way, you pawn goods for something productive and productive. Not just used to pay off debts and will run out in an instant.

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